Revive & Re-Energise your Body, Mind & 'Soul' with one of our pain relieving, symptom reducing, Reflexology packages

Reflexology single treatment - £50

Choosing a Heal & Save Package will give you all-important consistency in symptom management and a commitment to further improving your well being, long term.  

Package Options :

3 x 60 minute Sessions (saving £15)  package cost  £135

6 x 60 minute Sessions (saving £60)  package cost £240

9 x 60 minute Sessions  (saving £135)  package cost  £315

All Reflexology treatments include an initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation with a follow-up email, and subsequent review in line with your needs at each visit.  Using Organic Essential oils & creams, plus Home Care Advice to reinforce the healing benefits long after your session.


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