Gift Voucher for Hopi Ear Candling


It is said that ear candles can help to achieve many physical, psychological and subtle effects, and represent a cleaning programme for the body as a whole and not just the ears.

The treatment is carried out after an initial consultation to ensure suitability and includes a gentle face massage. Results may vary from client to client and a series of treatments are recommended spaced across a number of weeks as and when required.

May help with the following;

Improve and stimulate the cleansing circulation of the lymph glands

Sinus congestion


Ear aches


Hayfever 1-2 months before pollen season

Pain or pressure when flying

Scuba diving or other discomfort from change in elevation relieve of pressure in the Eustachian tubes

Hopi ear candles are not recommended for use if you have any inflammation in the ear or ear infections, grommets, perforated ear drums, or allergies to any of the ingredients in the candle. If you have recently undergone a major operation or have a heavy cough or cold then you should delay the treatment. If in any doubt, then please consult your G.P.