The Bed. Covered!

So, following on from by previous blog The bed, Uncovered. This is the follow-up blog, The bed, Covered!

I wanted to show you exactly how the bed is made up, just so you know you'll be well covered in comfort when you have your relaxing treatment.

So...this is what the bed looks like all made up for your relaxing, warm treatment. At the base of this bed is a new heated blanket! covered by thick, fluffy towels and the new heavy throw. (Heated blanket will be removed on hot days, unless you're one to feel the cold in the summer!)

Obviously I had to check if the heated blanket was working...
WOW! I laid on that bed thinking to myself I could start selling 5min blocks just so people could lay here soaking up the theraputic heat. The warmth from it melted through my cold skin, muscles straight through to my bones, I did not want to get up!

All I can say is, you lucky souls!


The bed, uncovered.

Some people call it a couch, others a bed. I myself call it a bed, because to me that is what it feels like when I get a chance to lay on it!

I took these pictures as I wanted you lovely people to see how thick, wide and sturdy it actually is. Over the years I've realised that having a super comfortable bed is so important for client comfort, especially if that client is spending a good hour or so laying on it.

I know there is the danger of not getting you off at the end of your treatment, but that makes me happy!