About me

Michelle Nowosad

My first ever experience of holistic therapies was when I was 15 years old. I had injured my back at school which left me with constant pain. I also suffered from acute sinusitis, causing me severe pain around my head and face. My mum, having suffered from a slipped disk herself years before introduced me to her complementary therapist. I started having Swedish massage for my back and reflexology to help with my sinusitis. I remember feeling instant relief from the pain and a sense of calm and deep relaxation as my body began to heal itself with the help of these treatments.

I left school and started working in an office environment for about 4 years. Sitting at a computer for long hours took its toll on me and I started suffering from tension in my neck and shoulders. Eventually I decided I had had enough of office work and retrained as a beauty therapist at the Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy. As well as covering beauty treatments I also trained in Swedish massage, having experienced this treatment myself I knew of the wonderful benefits it would offer my future clients.

During the last 14 years I have become fascinated with the positive healing affects that treatments like massage can have on the human body. I experienced and trained in more holistic treatment's like reiki in 2009 and reflexology 2015. After gaining my reflexology qualification I decided to come out of beauty therapy and step fully into holistic therapy. Setting up my own mobile holistic business - Cambridge Holistics. To date, I now offer nurturing, balancing treatments at my private practice in Bourn.

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